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In today’s eco-conscious market, the demand for eco friendly soap options has grown significantly. Consumers are seeking soap made with natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and cruelty-free formulas. Vegan bar soaps have gained popularity due to their exclusion of animal products and harsh chemicals.

These soaps are crafted from plant-based ingredients and often feature natural oils, butter, and essential oils. When choosing the best eco-friendly soap, factors to consider include the quality of ingredients, production methods, and packaging. Here, we have researched and tested a range of vegan bar soaps to bring you our top picks that prioritize sustainability and performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eco-friendly soaps are in high demand due to growing environmental consciousness.
  • Consumers prioritize natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and cruelty-free formulas.
  • Vegan bar soaps made from plant-based ingredients are a popular choice.
  • Choosing eco-friendly soap involves considering the quality of ingredients and packaging.
  • We have researched and tested various vegan bar soaps to bring you our top picks for sustainability and performance.

Crate 61 Vegan Soap

Crate 61 Vegan Soap is a top choice for those seeking all-natural ingredients and ethical sourcing. This soap is crafted with high-quality, plant-based ingredients that pamper the skin and leave it feeling refreshed.

The soap is scented with essential oils, providing a genuinely refreshing aroma. Additionally, Crate 61 Vegan Soap is packaged in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging, aligning with a green lifestyle.

Product FeaturesBenefits
All-natural ingredientsPampers skin with gentle, plant-based ingredients
Ethical sourcingSupports sustainable and responsible ingredient procurement
Biodegradable packagingReduces environmental impact and waste

While the soap may not last as long as some conventional soaps and the essential oils may be potent for sensitive noses, its overall performance and ethical standpoint make it an excellent choice.

With Crate 61 Vegan Soap, you can cleanse your skin with confidence, knowing that you are using a product that prioritizes the use of all-natural ingredients and ethical sourcing. This soap not only benefits your skin but also aligns with your commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Crate 61 Lavender Soap

Crate 61 Lavender Soap is a nourishing option for those looking for a vegan soap with a calming lavender scent. This soap is formulated with olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturized. The natural lavender scent is refreshing and provides a soothing experience during showers. The soap is also packaged in environmentally friendly materials, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability. While the bar size may be smaller than expected and the fragrance may dissipate more quickly than conventional soaps, the benefits of natural ingredients and sustainable packaging outweigh these minor drawbacks.

Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Bar Soap is the perfect choice for those in search of a vegan soap that delivers a thorough cleanse while being gentle on the skin. Crafted with organic oils, this soap not only cleanses but also hydrates and nourishes, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The tea tree variant of this soap is particularly beneficial for acne-prone skin, providing a deep clean that helps combat blemishes and breakouts.

What sets Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Bar Soap apart is not just its effectiveness, but also its commitment to sustainability. The soap is fully biodegradable, ensuring that it doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution. In addition, it comes in biodegradable packaging, further reducing its ecological footprint.

While the tea tree scent may be overpowering for some individuals, the soap’s powerful cleansing properties make it worth considering. The slightly higher price of Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Bar Soap compared to conventional options is a reflection of its premium quality and commitment to using organic ingredients.

For those who value a thorough cleanse and eco-friendly choices, Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Bar Soap is a standout choice.

Squatch Soap Sampler

Squatch Soap Sampler offers a unique experience with its variety of scents and moisturizing properties. This soap sampler includes different scents, such as grapefruit IPA and pine tar, providing an adventure for your senses during each shower. The soap is formulated with shea butter, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and preventing dryness. Squatch Soap Sampler is also eco-friendly, with natural-origin ingredients and packaging that align with sustainability goals. While the price point may be slightly higher compared to standard bar soaps and some may find the scents overpowering, the overall experience and quality of the soap make it worth considering.

Squatch Soap SamplerDescription
Scent VarietyThis soap sampler offers a wide range of scents, including grapefruit IPA and pine tar, providing an invigorating and aromatic experience.
MoisturizingFormulated with shea butter, this soap leaves the skin feeling moisturized and prevents dryness, promoting healthy and hydrated skin.
Eco-FriendlySquatch Soap Sampler is made with natural-origin ingredients and packaged in materials that align with sustainability goals, allowing you to choose an eco-friendly option without compromising on performance.

Dove Coconut & Cocoa Butter

Dove Coconut & Cocoa Butter is a gentle and moisturizing option for those seeking a vegan soap with a delightful scent. This soap leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated, thanks to its use of coconut and cocoa butter. The pleasing coconut scent, along with a hint of jasmine, creates a tropical escape during showers. Dove Coconut & Cocoa Butter doesn’t strip the skin of moisture like regular soaps, making it a suitable choice for those with dry skin.

While the scent may be overpowering for some and the packaging may vary, the overall quality and hydrating effects of this soap make it a popular option.

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash is an ultra-environmentally friendly liquid soap that prioritizes sustainability and a luxurious bathing experience. This soap is made with organic coconut, olive, and sunflower seed oils and is packaged in 100% recycled bottles. What sets it apart is that Bathing Culture offers refills, eliminating the need for additional packaging. The soap not only cleanses but also provides a refreshing sensation akin to jumping into a cold river. Its commitment to sustainability and the celebration of the art of bathing make it a standout choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Key Features of Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash:

  • Made with organic coconut, olive, and sunflower seed oils for a nourishing cleanse
  • Refillable packaging reduces waste and eliminates the need for additional bottles
  • 100% recycled bottle reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability
  • Captures the essence of a refreshing dip in a cold river

“Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash offers a unique combination of eco-friendly practices and a luxurious bathing experience. With its organic ingredients and refillable packaging, it sets a high standard for sustainability in the beauty industry.” – EcoBeauty Magazine

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash. This eco-friendly soap allows you to indulge in a truly rejuvenating bathing experience while minimizing your environmental impact. The organic ingredients and refillable packaging make it a guilt-free choice for those seeking a sustainable cleansing option. Say goodbye to single-use plastics and embrace the art of bathing with Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash.

Contains organic ingredientsMay be more expensive compared to conventional soaps
Refillable packaging reduces wasteMay not be available in all stores
Refreshing and invigorating scentNot suitable for those with sensitivities to certain essential oils
Leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed

Stream2Sea Conditioning Shampoo and Bodywash

Stream2Sea Conditioning Shampoo and Bodywash is a top choice for those seeking an eco-friendly soap that leaves the skin tingling clean. This soap is made with green tea extract and is biodegradable, ensuring it doesn’t harm freshwater and ocean life. The packaging is made from sugar cane resin, further reducing its environmental impact. Founded by a cosmetic chemist and outdoor enthusiast, Stream2Sea is known for its commitment to creating safe and sustainable products. The shampoo and bodywash offer a refreshing and clean experience while minimizing harm to the environment.

Eco-friendlyMade with sustainable practices and ingredients that do not harm the environment.
Green tea extractUtilizes the antioxidant properties of green tea extract for a soothing and revitalizing cleanse.
Sustainable packagingThe packaging is made from biodegradable sugar cane resin, reducing plastic waste.

Why Choose Stream2Sea Conditioning Shampoo and Bodywash?

Stream2Sea Conditioning Shampoo and Bodywash stands out for its eco-friendly approach to personal care. By using green tea extract and sustainable packaging, this soap not only benefits your skin but also the planet. The brand’s dedication to creating safe and sustainable products is evident in every aspect of their offering. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply seeking a cleaner bath time routine, Stream2Sea Conditioning Shampoo and Bodywash provides an effective and environmentally conscious solution.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right soap, opting for eco-friendly options can have a significant impact on sustainability efforts. By selecting soaps that prioritize sustainable packaging, natural ingredients, and cruelty-free formulations, individuals can take care of their skin while also taking care of the planet.

The top picks highlighted in this article offer a diverse range of choices, from vegan bar soaps to liquid body washes. Each product comes with its own unique benefits and features that align with eco-friendly practices. Whether it’s the use of biodegradable packaging, the inclusion of all-natural ingredients, or a commitment to ethical sourcing, these eco-friendly soaps provide a cleansing experience that is both high in quality and low in environmental impact.

By making the switch to eco-friendly soap, consumers can actively contribute to a greener future. These soaps not only offer a zero waste solution, but they also promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. With their emphasis on eco-friendliness, these soaps are a testament to the fact that it is possible to have a clean, refreshed, and nourished skin without compromising on the well-being of the planet.


What is eco-friendly soap?

Eco-friendly soap refers to soaps that are made with natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and are cruelty-free. These soaps prioritize the use of plant-based ingredients, often excluding animal products and harsh chemicals, and are packaged in materials that are biodegradable or environmentally friendly.

Why should I choose eco-friendly soap?

Choosing eco-friendly soap helps reduce your environmental impact. It promotes the use of natural ingredients that are less harmful to the environment during production and disposal. Additionally, eco-friendly soaps often come in packaging that is biodegradable or made from recycled materials, helping to minimize waste.

Are eco-friendly soaps suitable for all skin types?

Yes, eco-friendly soaps are typically suitable for all skin types. They are crafted from natural ingredients that are gentle and nourishing, making them suitable for sensitive skin as well. However, it is always recommended to check the ingredients list, especially if you have specific allergies or sensitivities.

How long does eco-friendly soap last compared to conventional soap?

The longevity of eco-friendly soap will vary depending on the brand and specific formulation. Some eco-friendly soaps may not last as long as conventional soaps due to their exclusion of certain chemical preservatives. However, with proper care and storage, eco-friendly soaps can still provide a satisfactory lifespan.

Can eco-friendly soaps be used for both the body and face?

Yes, many eco-friendly soaps are suitable for both the body and face. However, it is essential to consider your skin type and any specific requirements you may have. Some eco-friendly soaps are specifically formulated for certain skin concerns or have different levels of moisturization, so it’s always best to read the product description or consult with a dermatologist if needed.

Are all eco-friendly soaps vegan?

No, not all eco-friendly soaps are vegan. While many eco-friendly soaps use plant-based ingredients and exclude animal products, some may still contain ingredients like honey or beeswax. If veganism is a priority for you, it’s recommended to check the ingredient list or look for soaps that are specifically labeled as vegan.

Can eco-friendly soaps help reduce waste?

Yes, eco-friendly soaps can help reduce waste. Many eco-friendly soap brands utilize biodegradable packaging or packaging made from recycled materials, minimizing the environmental impact. Additionally, some brands offer refill options, allowing you to reuse the same packaging multiple times and reduce overall waste.

Are all eco-friendly soaps biodegradable?

While many eco-friendly soaps are biodegradable, it is not a guarantee for all products. It’s essential to look for specific claims on the packaging or product description regarding biodegradability. These claims indicate that the soap can break down naturally and won’t harm the environment after disposal.

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